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Company Philosophy, Client-Carer Relationship and Profile

Aman Care always takes into account the wishes and needs of the individual when providing care and support to elderly and disabled clients. When proposing personnel, we aim to find the most appropriate match in terms of skills, experience and cultural understanding to meet the client’s profile. Wherever possible we provide continuity of care with the same personnel for each client. Clients are also invited to choose which of our employees should care for them. We encourage a close client-carer relationship with regular reviews of the care plan and support and services provided. This is supported by home visits and a drop in policy where visitors are welcome to visit our office in Sweden during normal working hours. Such visits can be to seek advice, support and guidance or simply for social reasons to chat over a cup of coffee. This helps us quantify more specific needs, for instance if an individual feels isolated and needs more social interface or whether we should contact an occupational therapist for additional support or other care organisations in general. We appreciate the importance of close friends and relatives to clients, and therefore always look to maintain close cooperation and regular contact with them.

As a company, we actively encourage and welcome criticism and complaints both from clients and/or their relatives and our own personnel. Any such complaints should be sent to our administration offices or the local authority or similar concerned. Information and contact details will be made available in writing to every client and their next of kin.