Aman Care
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Personnel /Ethics  |   Aims and objectives

Statement of purpose

Personnel /Ethics

All our personnel are fully trained and experience in providing care and support, they are responsible, committed and have empathy for those choosing our services.

We always match our personnel with the wishes and assessed needs of the client to ensure we provide the right service, care, support and security required.

The key ethos of Aman Care is to meet the needs of customers in today’s multicultural society. Aman Care  always endeavour to provide help and support to service users in their own language and in a way that respect their own culture and beliefs.

We believe that the needs and wishes of the individual should always come first. We also aim to ensure every service user is supported to choose how they live their life. Our aim is to promote and maintain independence in daily living and to avoid socially isolation of our customers. Aman Care recognises that it is important for service users that the language, ethnic, cultural and religious aspects of their life are respected at all times.

Aman Care will aim to provide homecare support services in the service users own language. Staff members employed by Aman Care speak Somali, Swedish, Urdu, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and many other languages.

Another key ethos of Aman Care is that close cooperation with and support of relatives is a significant factor in successful homecare. Treating the client, their relatives and friends with respect is a key aspect of the building of a successful and positive relationship between the client and Aman Care personnel.