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About us

Aman Care Ltd is a domiciliary care company that provides homecare, personal care, escort / befriending, sitting and relief services for the elderly and individuals with disabilities entitled to or wishing to purchase support within their own home. To meet the needs of today’s multicultural society, we aim to provide help and support to the people in their own language, in a way that fully respects their culture and beliefs.

The needs and wishes of the individual always come first. We aim to ensure every client is able to choose how they wish to live their life, are able to maintain their independence, daily way of life and avoid becoming socially isolated. At the same time, we place great emphasis on respect for language, ethnic, cultural and religious aspects of the person’s life.

As a result we aim to offer homecare support services in the client’s own language, with carers, wherever possible who share similar or the same beliefs. Our personnel speak: Swedish, Somali, Urdu, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and many other languages.

We aim to meet the special cultural and religious wishes and requirements people can have, by careful matching of carer and customer.

In our experience close cooperation with and support of relatives and loved ones, wherever possible is a significant factor in successful homecare.

Treating the client, their relatives and friends with respect is our recipe for a successful and positive relationship between the client and our personnel.